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Our Story - 

"A Calling" is a story about women; religious, married, single, young and old.  It is about the true power of women as demonstrated throughout history and in their on-going pursuit of equality. 

Focusing on the occurrences that brought a nun in as the leader of a small Catholic parish in upstate New York, the film chronicles the personal stories of several individuals that were engaged in this transformation, and how they and their community evolved throughout the process.  As the church works to piece together this new vision, the women discover the parallels between their lives and those of the women religious of the church that is rooted in their feminist core.  As they tell us their story, they re-affirm their investment in the creative path they took, offering us an intimate and humanizing look into their world. 

Today we are witnessing a bold change in the way the world perceives women.  "A Calling" is a testimony to this movement, a celebration of what is often unseen in women, the power of spirituality and the reward of self-discovery.

Feature Documentary - 1 Hour 16 minutes  

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